Winner of the KATE BUSH contest 2014

Winner of the KATE BUSH contest 2014

And the winners are :: Lee Newman – Steven Learmonth – Samantha Charles and Jason Adam Martinez (in no particular order).

Congratulations. The prizes are given away by Bart Lienard, Paula McKay & Yirry Yanya. We had an ever growing shortlist of nominees and decided it would be these four winners. A difficult choice, as always, as the diversity and creativity of Kate Bush fans is so enormous.

Please PM Yirry on FaceBook … perhaps your eye was on one particular prize. If all four happen to choose a different prize, then that would make giving the prizes to the right Fish a whole lot easier.

Lee Newman

Steven Learnmonth

Entree Steven Learmonth Art

Entree Steven Learmonth Art

Samantha Charles

The video has been uploaded to Facebook. Enjoy Sat In Your Lap.


Jason Adam Martinez



Running Up That Hill picture disc

Given by Yirry Yanya 


Aerial Promo Cards

Given by Paula McKay / Altered Eras


Moments of Pleasure limited edition set

Given by Bart Lienard


This Woman’s Work Charm Bracelet

Given by Paula McKay / Altered Eras


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FishPeople KATE BUSH Community


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