Kate Bush Contest – Colour the Internet KATE (CLOSED)


Make something to Celebrate Kate Bush’s work.

And it can be anything: from video to poetry, from illustration to animation.


Share your work everywhere.

And hashtag is thrice :: #katebush #fishpeople #contest

We want to see it all over the web.


Enter into the contest.

Share the URL of where you posted it – and Artwork itself – to our channels on FB, TW and G+.

Details below.

And we invite you to do this even if you don’t want to enter into the competition



… and the World should know.

It has been a long long time since Tour Of Life in ’79. Walls between countries have been broken down. Presidents have won elections and left the stage. Comets with tails blazing have skimped passed the Earth. Winters cold and winters warm have hugged shoulders with Summers wet and Summers hot.

One constant element amidst all things dreary and lovely has been the enigmatic and creative art of Kate Bush. With the concert a rarer occurrence than seeing the Yeti dance on Elvis’s grave… the time has now come to colour the internet KATE.

We cannot just let this Moment Of Pleasure go by unnoticed and unmarked.

Let the world know about Kate Bush and This Woman’s Work.
Showing your creativity in a Kate related work by your hand and spread the Kateness all over the digital land.

Colour the internet KATE to Celebrate Dawn.

And if you do want to enter into the contest, this is how

What can you win

Win a KATE BUSH rarity

First Prize:

Running Up That Hill picture disc

Given by Yirry Yanya 


Second Prize:

Aerial Promo Cards

Given by Paula McKay / Altered Eras



Third Prize:

Moments of Pleasure limited edition set

Given by Bart Lienard


Fourth Prize

This Woman’s Work Charm Bracelet

Given by Paula McKay / Altered Eras


Contest by

FishPeople KATE BUSH Community

How to win

1. Make

This is a general call to all FishPeople to paint the entire web in the colours of KATE BUSH.

Make a song, painting, video, illustration, photo, animation, claymation, stop motion, cross-word puzzle or bake a Katy rye …

there are as many options as there are numbers in Pi.



They bring me so much pleasure

2. Share

… and if you have made something.

Share it on Pinterest, FaceBook, Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Twitter, DeviantArt, LinkedIn, Google+, Goolge Pages, BBM, Tumblr…

We want to see it everywhere, out there in the open space of the web.

Hashtag all you post everywhere on the web thrice :: #katebush #fishpeople #contest

To Celebrate the Music of Kate and let the World know about this woman’s amazing work.


And the wine will run

3. Enter

Then: share us your work as well and we will re-share it on our FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ channels.

Show the world the Creativity ignited by Kate.

To Enter the contest share your work by posting it (or the link) to either / or all:


FishPeople on FaceBook

Yirry Yanya on FaceBook


FishPeople on Twitter

Yirry Yanya on Twitter


FishPeople on G+

Yirry Yanya on G+


Be sure to do the following:

  • Post the Artwork itself to the FaceBook walls
  • Send the link to the Artwok to us on FB, TW or G+
  • Make sure to always use these three tags #katebush #fishpeople #contest


Start date – 20 june 2014

End date – 16 aug 2014


Make sure to always use these three tags #katebush #fishpeople #contest

Rules of The Game

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I just make Kate Bush related artwork and share share share, without entering the contest?

Yes! Yes Please. That is the whole idea: let the world know about the amazing work of Kate Bush.

2. Can I win for someone else?

Yes. You are a true FishPeople member. If you already have the Disc or the Promo and you want to enter in order to win for a friend of yours… sure… and why not.

3. If I share and post multiple works to enter, and keep on doing that, will that increase my changes?

Probably. Most definitely. 

4. Can it be work that I have already done?

Yes. That’s alright, as long as you post it anew with the tags.

5. How will the winner be selected?

The moderators of the FishPeople Fan Community will make a choice. It will probably have some random element in it. 

6. Can I enter if I have entered into the former contests?


7. Why are you guys doing this?

Because we love to share the Kateness.

  • Make sure to always use these three tags #katebush #fishpeople #contest

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Yirry Yanya & FishPeople Kate Bush Community

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